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Curatorial Hub

Intended to better facilitate the informal exchange of ideas and experiences between professionals, the Curatorial Hub provides a flexible and discursive space for artist and curator talks, film screenings, panel discussions, performative events, reading sessions, and training programs. It also houses the ICI Curatorial Library of periodicals and books from institutions all over the world.

Events in the Curatorial Hub are announced throughout the year, click here to see our upcoming schedule.


Every year, ICI produces dozens of events that examine contemporary art and culture through the work of curators. Free and open to all, they promote public conversations that center on curatorial practice and provide opportunities for continued learning by opening new perspectives on art from around the world.

ICI events include programs led by curators, artists, and other cultural producers from across ICI’s international network of collaborators, as well as professional seminars and conferences.

ICI’s New York Programs highlight local curatorial practices and bring individuals together, organizations and initiatives that resonate with, reflect upon and help contextualize our international programs.

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The Curator’s Perspective is a free, itinerant public talk series featuring established U.S. and international curators, who present on their work and research. It was developed to offer audiences a way to connect with timely information and a wide variety of international perspectives on contemporary art and curating today.

The series sheds light on movements and models that are shaping the curatorial field today, addressing questions about art, culture, and the artists and exhibitions that curators look to.

Curator’s Perspective talks feature leading international curators, and are presented with partner institutions across the city, including CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College, MoMA, Americas Society, and many more in New York and occasionally across the U.S.


Exhibition related events take place internationally in collaboration with presenting art spaces; and closed-door seminars and public conferences bring together multiple international perspectives to generate and share knowledge in the interest of advancing curatorial discourse.


ICI organizes events for current and upcoming ICI publications, ranging from book launches to series of conversations with authors, curators and critics. These events generate a broader context for a publication, which often is transcribed and made available as an online publication.


Every year, ICI participates in art fairs, such as NADA in Miami and New York or EXPO in Chicago; and in book fairs, such as the New York Art Book Fair; as well as other special events in New York and around the world.


In recognition of the generous contributions of many visionary individuals who support our organization and its programs, ICI organizes exclusive events and dinners for its patrons. Among those are, ICI Conversations which are thought-provoking events that give exclusive access to the people – artists, curators, critics, collectors, and museum directors – who influence contemporary art today, while bringing our patrons an exclusive insider's perspective on ICI.

Curatorial intensive

ICI’s Curatorial Intensive program was established in 2010 as the world’s first short-course training program for curators. Intended to bring working professionals together to gain new skills and perspectives on pragmatic aspects of curating, as well as to increase dialogue in curatorial ideas, the Intensive supports early- to mid-career curators working independently or institutionally in emerging and established art centers around the world. Programs are held in the U.S. and internationally with institutional partners. The Intensive has taken place in cities from Addis Ababa, Bogota, New Orleans and Moscow just to name a few; giving access to professional development and international engagement opportunities to a broad community of curators.

Each Curatorial Intensive program consists of a weeklong schedule of seminars, workshops, Individual meetings, and site visits, developed by ICI and led by prominent curators, artists, critics, and directors. Participants apply with an exhibition proposal to workshop throughout the program, and develop into a full proposal that can be realized.

An unparalleled, dynamic curatorial network of alumni has developed over the last 9 years, counting over 440 curators from 68 countries. They represent— and are shaping—the future of curatorial practice.

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Exhibitions are the meeting point of art and audiences, where new perspectives can be experienced through the work of artists. Since 1975, ICI exhibitions have shared the practice of more than 4,000 artists in countries around the world, including Argentina, Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jamaica, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and more.

Wherever they take place, ICI exhibitions have the potential to build a shared understanding of artistic practice and are solid foundations for exchange in the curatorial field. Our projects connect art spaces to their audiences and art scenes to one another, across social, political, and cultural borders.

Today, ICI exhibitions are the result of collaborations with hosting institutions and curators. They are conceived to reflect our times, adapt to their changing contexts, and generate new content and propositions at every venue.

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In the last nine years, ICI has developed fellowships for curators to travel and conduct research, often with part-ner organizations and foundations.
Since 2012, ICI and Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (CPPC) have partnered to support individual curatorial research in Central America and the Caribbean. The program supports a contemporary art curator based anywhere in the world to travel to the region and conduct research about art and cultural activities; it has produced unique scholarship, and perspectives, as well as new collaborations across the region and internationally.

Previous ICI/CPPC Travel Award winners includ- ed Pablo Leon de la Barra, Remco de Blaaij, Maria Elena Ortiz, Leah Gordon and Andre Eugene, and Marina Reyes Franco. Following in their research, the recipient of the 2019 ICI/CPPC Travel Award is Pablo José Ramirez, a curator, theorist, and writer based in Guatemala.

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ICI is dedicated to producing critically influential publications to accompany its traveling exhibitions, and has developed two new series to address contemporary issues in art and curating: The Sourcebook series and Perspectives in Curating series. Visit the online shop to find all ICI publications.

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Developed and published by ICI in 2012, the Perspectives in Curating series provides analysis on topics that are pressing for curators today, and offers timely reflections by curators, art historians, critics, and artists on emergent debates in curatorial practice around the world.

The first publication in the series was the best-seller Thinking Contemporary Curating by Terry Smith. The precedent for this series was the 2001 publication Words of Wisdom: A Curator's Vade Mecum on Contemporary Art, which was ICI's first book on curatorial practice.

This year, ICI introduces the third publication in this series, Comradeship: Curating, Art, and Politics in Post-Socialist Europe.


The Sourcebook series is dedicated to contemporary artists’ personal perspectives on social, political, and cultural issues. Each book, edited by a single artist, includes a collection of primary research materials and influences, such as rare archival documents, artwork studies, and excerpts of landmark publications, selected from the artist’s own archive and annotated with personal commentary.

The Sourcebook series follows the development of an artist’s oeuvre through the very material that inspires and influences it. Each book is a catalyst to further understand contemporary artistic practice, particularly by artists who challenge conventional art histories while contributing to its development.


Since 1990, ICI has commissioned artists to produce limited edition artworks to support its innovative programs and publications.

Available editions include works by Liz Glynn, Marina Abramović, Stephen Kaltenbach, Laurie Simmons, among others.

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