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Based in South Africa Active since 2016 I took a keen interest in Adjective when they published a short piece of prose online by Rosa Lyster called Creepy Crawly. The piece describes her childhood fear of swimming, accompanied by a photograph Lyster’s friend Rom took of said creature doing the rounds in his parent’s pool, in which the Creepy Crawly-cum-crocodile that lurked in the shadows would spring to life. Reflecting on the surge of memories inspired by this photograph Lyster writes, “Rom and I became friends at a very weird time in both of our lives. We were both 24, and both unemployed in a way that felt permanent.” The metaphoric connection—between imagined childhood fears and the stark realities of youth unemployment—could help readers understand the nature of this new magazine, which is born from a similar sense of paralysis: a desire to move beyond the stagnant, economy-orientated backwaters of the South African art scape. Intent on grappling with the awkward translation of what we see, touch, smell, and hear, Adjective captures a playful spirit that is often lost on more traditional arts publications. As the title suggests, it functions as a descriptive precursor or residue — occupying and emphasizing the spaces between the thought and the thing. – Sven Christian, Adriane Iann Assistant Curator of Books and Works on Paper at Zeitz MOCAA

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Publishing Against the Grain

Publishing Against the Grain highlights the current state of publishing and art criticism as it exists in small journals, experimental publications, websites, and radio, as well as other innovative platforms around the world.

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