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Amirali Ghasemi

Amirali Ghasemi is a graphic designer, media artist and curator. In 1998 Ghasemi founded Parkingallery, an independent project space in Tehran, and in 2002 he set up Parkingallery.com, a virtual gallery, as an online platform for young Iranian artists. Ghasemi has shown his photography, video, and design works in various festivals and exhibitions internationally. Among his curated exhibitions, workshops, and talks at the Parkingallery are Deep Depression (2004-2006); Sideways (2008); Urban Jealousy, 1st international roaming biennial of Tehran (2008-2009); and three editions of Limited Access Festival (2007-2011), which led to a variety of projects with art and education institutions in Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, UK, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, and India.

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Third Tuesdays: Amirali Ghasemi

December 20, 2011 7pm ICI Curatorial Hub Amirali Ghasemi, artist, freelance curator, and director of Tehran-based Parkingallery project space, will discuss his recent curatorial projects, including the traveling platform urban jealousy: The Roaming Biennial of Tehran presented in Istanbul, Berlin and Belgrade; Iran&Co., the archive and exhibition in Brugge; Tehran’s Limited Access festival for video, […]

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