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Andrea Phillips

Dr. Andrea Phillips is BALTIC Professor and Director of BxNU Research Institute, Northumbria University & BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Andrea lectures and writes about the economic and social construction of public value within contemporary art, the manipulation of forms of participation and the potential of forms of political, architectural and social reorganization within artistic and curatorial culture. Recent publications include: ‘Social Dreaming: Learning about curating at Iniva and Santiniketan’ in (eds. Choi, Rosenthal, Watson), Practice International (London/Utrecht: Iniva/CASCO, 2018 forthcoming); ‘The Imperative for Self-attainment: From Cradle to Grave’ in (eds. Choi, van der Heide), Unlearning (Utrecht: CASCO, 2018 forthcoming); ‘Forgetting the Public’ in (ed.) Mick Wilson, Park Lek (London: Black Dog, 2018); ‘in conversation with Keller Easterling’ in (eds.) O’Neill, Steel, Wilson, How do Institutions Think? (Massachusetts: MIT, 2017); ‘Artistic research, publishing and capitalisation’ in (eds.) Kaila, Seppä, Slager, The Futures of Artistic Research (Helsinki: University of the Arts, 2017); ‘Where is the “Former” in Neocoloniality’ in FormerWest: Art and the Contemporary After 1989 (BAK/MIT, 2017), ‘Making the Public2’ in I Can’t Work Like This (Sternberg, 2017), ‘In Service: art, value, merit and the making of publics’ in Public Servants, (MIT/New Museum, 2016, ‘Devaluation’, PARSE Vol 1 no 2 The Value of Contemporary Art (Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg 2015); ‘Invest in what? How to work together, the Arts Council’s Catalyst Fund and art’s contemporary economic infrastructure, How To Work Together (Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom, Studio Voltaire, 2015).

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