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Balimunsi Philip

Born of Kabuye Benedict family, Balimunsi Philip is currently the curator of Uganda National Cultural Centre and the Uganda National gallery or Nommo gallery who for over seven years worked as an independent curator and artist pursuing an interest in Ugandan art history in relation to contemporary practice. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from Makerere University. He received curatorial training and scholarship from the New York Independent Curators International in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia and completed a curatorial training program at the School for Curatorial Studies Venice by A Plus Gallery-Venice Italy during the 2019 58th Venice biennial to pave way for processes of organizing a Ugandan pavilion at Venice biennial. He is a national award-winning artist and art judge of Youth Alive Uganda, a member of UVADA, IRC-American embassy, ICI-New York, 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust and Bayimba foundation. He is a co-curator of the “Know Go Zone”, “Dance in the City”, “KLAART014” and a curator of the “DADs” and “Climate Change” exhibitions with Embassy of Sweden, JAMAFEST visual arts pavilion with UVADA, “Know Way Out” with Belgian embassy, “Art Creates Water”, “Hope Art exhibition”, a retrospective of “25 years of Bruno Sserunkuuma’s Ceramic Philosophy” and “Anecdotes of Origin” at the A Plus gallery featuring 5 renowned European artists in a group of 20 curators from; Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, south and North America. Balimunsi has shared prestigious panel discussions with leading curators and art historians including; Zoe Whitely, a 2019 British pavilion curator, Fiona Siegenthaler, Kizito Maria Kasule, the dean of Margaret Trowell School of art and many more. He’s previously published articles with Start Journal, JAMAFEST magazine, and contemporary And.

involved in:

Collective Memories

Reports from the Field are perspectives from Curatorial Intensive Alumni from around the world, and reflections on the impact of the global pandemic on their lives, ways of working, their communities, and how they are adapting as a response. Balimunsi Philip, Alumnus of the Curatorial Intensive Addis Ababa ’14, writes from Kampala, Uganda.

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