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Carson Fisk-Vittori

Carson Fisk-Vittori (b. Austin, TX) holds a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fisk-Vittori currently lives and works in New York. Her constructed environments integrate images, artifacts and flora to analyze the complex interactions between humans and the dynamic landscape. Fisk-Vittori reveals the devices through which we experience and manipulate our environment, and analyzes our attempts to commodify the natural world. Her recent solo exhibition “Disturbance Ecology”, at Mon Cheri, Brussels, displayed an ecosystem of hypothetical weather machines, landscaping scenarios, and animal repellants. Fisk-Vittori has been included in exhibitions at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles; Galerie Valentin, Paris; Composing Rooms, Berlin; Rod Barton, London; Bodega, Philadelphia; Future Gallery, Berlin; NO Space, Mexico City, and Roots & Culture, Chicago. She has had solo exhibitions at Mon Cheri, Brussels; Important Projects, Oakland, and Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago. She is also part of the collective “Contemporary Floral Arrangement”.

involved in:

Radical Plastic: Artist Conversation

Image: Carson Fisk-Vittori, detail from Weather pollination techniques: out of human visible range (2016); 78 x 36 x 36 inches; UV prints on aluminum, aluminum poles, bamboo, hand-formed plastic, lichen covered branch, lotus seed pod, digital camera, flexible tripod, negative ion showerhead, metal and plastic hardware and fixtures, velcro, water. Courtesy the artist. Radical Plastic: […]

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