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Cristina Lleras

Cristina Lleras currently works for the Institute of the Arts in Bogotá, Colombia, acting as manager of the Visual Arts Program. She was the art and history curator of the Museo Nacional de Colombia from 2004 to 2012. As curator, her responsibilities included drafting policies on collections, permanent and temporary exhibitions and also supporting directorial decisions. From 2009-10 she collaborated with the National Commission for Reparation and Reconciliation in the curatorial work for the exhibition Memories and traces of the war: resistance of women in the Colombian Caribbean. She majored in psychology from Georgetown University and received her Masters in Art History from the National University of Colombia. She completed her PhD in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester in 2011. Her most recent publication was “Facing up to diversity: Conversations at the National Museum of Colombia” in National Museums. New Studies From Around the World (Routledge 2010).

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