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David Isaac Hecht

David Isaac Hecht’s current practice stretches across projects connecting communities, technology, knowledge structures, and advocacy. He is the Library Architect for The Cybernetics Library, a member of the Prime Produce Apprentice Cooperative, Internal Communications Coordinator for the Architecture Lobby, and Labyrinth Architect of the Living Labyrinth project for Seeds to Soil. He is also actively pursuing a zero-waste / zero-budget fabrication practices focused on using reclaimed materials. David’s research (as an ARPA Fellow and Buell Fellow at Columbia) has examined how disciplinary structures mediate the relationships between the design of spaces and the bodies of people using those spaces. He is also investigating the history of reciprocal influence between science, architecture, government, and academia. His work has been published in AD (Architectural Design), Architectural Research Quarterly, The ARPA Journal, and the Are.na blog. His work and projects he has been part of have been exhibited at The Queens Museum, The Center for Architecture, The School for Poetic Computation, Current Museum, the DWeb Summit by The Internet Archive, HKW Berlin, and the MAK Center in LA. He was also a co-organizer of the Cybernetics Conference in 2017. David hails from Brooklyn, NY, where he currently resides.

involved in:

Institutional Entropy with unbag

Institutional Entropy with unbag 6:30-8pm March 14, 2019 ICI 401 Broadway Suite 1620 New York, NY 10013 FREE and open to the public Join ICI and unbag for a conversation with Anthea Behm, Charles Eppley, David Hecht, Melanie Hoff, and Alicia Ritson—organizers and co-facilitators of the Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program, Cybernetics Library, and New […]

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