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Eduardo Abaroa

Eduardo Abaroa is an artist and writer working in the fields of sculpture, installation and live action. He has exhibited his work in several major museums in Mexico; LA MoCA, PS1, ICA Boston, and CIFO in the United States; Reina Sofía Museum in Spain; Kunstwerke, Germany and other important venues in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, South Korea, etc. In the early nineties he co-founded the T44 artist run space. His contributions were also essential in the foundation of Soma, an artist run school in Mexico City which opened in 2008. He directed the 9th International Symposium of Art Theory in Mexico City (SITAC) in 2011. His recent solo exhibitions include Total Destruction of the Museum of Anthropology, whose exhibition catalogue will be published this year, and a survey in Amparo Museum. As a writer, Abaroa has published numerous texts regarding contemporary art, including the book Ensayos sobre el público with Alias and essays in exhibition catalogues of Francis Alÿs, Melanie Smith, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Doctor Lakra, and other artists working in the Mexican context.

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