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Erika Martinez

Erika Martinez is a social communicator and journalist who graduated from the Universidad la Savannah in 2001. She specialized in History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Art from the Universidad de los Andes in 2007. She also took courses in art theory and curatorial studies at UNTREF Buenos Aires (2010). Martinez is a member of the 2013 curatorial team for the Camara de Comerico of Bogotá, where they will inaugurate the exhibition Desencuadres in November of 2013. She is also the manager and editor of the History and Art Theory section of the publication Monografias. She has collaborated with ArtNexus magazine, where she is currently in the process of writing an article on contemporary drawing practices in Colombia. She also founded and is in charge of a section in the publication El Espectador called Imaginarios. Martinez has advised many young artists on their creative processes and writings. Artists include Camilo Bojacá, Andrea Acosta, Camilo Leyva, Nicholas Gomez, Manuel Calderon, Ximena Velasquez, and Carlos Alarcon, among others. Martinez was a consultant and researcher for the academic forum for ArtBo 2012.

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