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Fabiola Iza

Fabiola Iza studied Art Theory at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana (2004-09) and has also taken a diverse range of specialized courses, among these Making things public, a curatorial workshop given by Pip Day at Casa Vecina in 2010. After two years having worked as curator at Casa del Lago (2011-13), the cultural center of UNAM, she began working independently. Before her time at Casa del Lago, she worked as a curatorial assistant for the collective, Laboratorio 060, where she helped manage the projects of various Mexican and international artists. Iza also worked within the editorial field, where she assisted in translations and editorial coordination for various specialized publications. She has written for Code, Spot, and Fahrenheit, among other publications. At Casa del Lago, she participated in the development of a new program that is focused on exploring different exhibition typologies and she coordinated more than 25 projects. The exhibitions that she curated put into dialogue both the national and international platforms and looked at issues of archiving from various perspectives.

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