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Fanny Gonella

Fanny Gonella is Artistic Director of Künstlerhaus Bremen, and previously was Curator at the Bonner Kunstverein. After completing her studies at the Ecole du Louvre, she received a degree in art history at the Sorbonne, Paris. While working at the gallery neugerriemschneider in Berlin, she founded the independent project space Korridor (2005-06). She then worked as a curator for the artprize Blauorange 2007 and was awarded the curatorial residency program *Kurator 2008/09 in Switzerland. As an independent curator, she worked on numerous projects and exhibitions in Vienna, Copenhagen, Paris, and Berlin. Recently, she curated, with Burkhard Meltzer, an online streaming program based on television series format, Keys to our Heart (2012), and was a selecting curator for the Furla Art Prize 2013. For the Bonner Kunstverein, she curated solo exhibitions on Luca Frei, Ed Atkins, Anna Virnich, and will open the first institutional exhibition of Timur Si-Qin in fall 2013.

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Update: 2013 ICI/French Institute Fellow Fanny Gonella

The following entry is a research update from the 2013 ICI/French Institute Fellow, Fanny Gonella.

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