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Giuseppe Campuzano

Giuseppe Campuzano (Lima, 1969-2013) was a Peruvian philosopher, artist, transvestite, activist and performer. Since 1990 she recorded her body as an artistic project and produced a number of shows and publications, such as “Reclaiming Travesti Histories” (2006), “Gender Identity and Travesti Rights in Perú in Development with a Body. Sexualities, Development and Human Rights” (2008) and Museo Travesti del Peru (2008). Campuzano’s theoretical-performance production is one of the most serious and daring attempts to produce a political analysis of the body. His Museo Travesti del Perú has toured cities such as Lima, Brighton, Montreal, La Havana, São Paulo, Bogotá, Monterrey, Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Medellin. Publications include “Museo Travesti del Perú” (2008, Giuseppe Campuzano Editor), “Chamanes, Danzantes, Putas y Misses: El Travestismo Obseso de la Memoria” (2010, Ramona 99) and «{{em_02: Bicentenarias Postidénticas. ¿Es posible un bicentenario sin sexo?» (2010, {{em_rgencia} issue # 2, 2010).

involved in:

Never Spoken Again: Rogue Stories of Science and Collections

Never Spoken Again reflects on the birth of modern collections, the art institutions that sustain them and their contingent origin stories. Curated by Colombian curator David Ayala-Alfonso, an alumnus of ICI’s Curatorial Intensive, the exhibition is part of ICI’s new series of programs supporting emergent voices in the curatorial field.

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