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Jesse Pires

Jesse Pires is curator of film and music programming at International House Philadelphia. He received his Bachelor’s degree in American Studies at Temple University. In 1996 Pires relocated to New York to work in film exhibition, serving as a marketing assistant. In 1999, he became a sales associate at Water Bearer Films and later joined The Napoleon Group as an artist’s representative and in-house producer. In 2003, Pires returned to Philadelphia to join International House. In 2006, he collaborated with the Institute of Contemporary Art to present a rare performance of art-rock pioneers The Red Krayola in conjunction with the exhibit “Make Your Own Life: Artists in and Out of Cologne.” He has curated numerous film screenings at International House, including films by George and Mike Kuchar (2006), Alain Robbe-Grillet (2008) and Frank & Eleanor Perry (2009). He is currently working with Boston-based curator William Kaizen on the PEI funded program Pop Cinema.

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