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Jordan Stein

Jordan Stein is a curator based in San Francisco. Recent exhibitions include “Miyoko Ito: Heart of Hearts,” Artists Space, New York (2018) and “So I traveled a great deal. I met George, Ebbe, Joy, Philip, Jack, Robert, Dora, Harold, Jerome, Ed, Mike, Tom, Bill, Harvey, Sheila, Irene, John, Michael, Mertis, Gai-fu, Jay, Jim, Anne, Kirby, Allen, Peter, Charles, Drummond, Cassandra, Pamela, Marilyn, Lewis, Ted, Clayton, Cid, Barbara, Ron, Richard, Tony, Paul, Anne, Russell, Larry, Link, Anthea, Martin, Jane, Don, Fatso, Clark, Anja, Les, Sue, and Brian,” Matthew Marks Gallery, New York (organized with Vincent Fecteau, 2017).

involved in:

Untitled (Joanne [Ha]Rruff)

Untitled (Joanne [Ha]Rruff) Thursday, July 26 7–8:30pm ICI Curatorial Hub 401 Broadway, Suite 1620 New York UJHR is an ongoing investigation into the life and work of a just-about-completely-unknown former-California-visual-artist once-named Joanne Harruff and Joanne Rruff. Delivered as an illustrated presentation by Glass, house founder Jordan Stein, the project is updated and reconsidered over time, […]

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