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Julie Courtney

Julie Courtney has been an independent curator since 1991. She was founding director of The Temple Gallery from 1985–1988 and consulting curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art until 1992. In 1995 she co–curated Prison Sentences: The Prison as Site/The Prison as Subject at Eastern State Penitentiary, her first foray into commissioning site–specific projects in unusual spaces. In 1996 she curated Points of Departure: Art on the Line, a project of temporary site-specific projects in 9 train stations which was funded by the Philadelphia Exhibition Initiative. Other PEI funded projects are Pandemonium, 2005, a percussive sound installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller at Eastern State and The Lost Meeting, 2005, with J. Morgan Puett in an abandoned Quaker Meetinghouse in Jenkintown, PA and Mark Dion’s Travels of William Bartram Reconsidered, 2007 at Bartram’s Garden.

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