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Laurel Voss

Laurel Voss is the Associate Director of Communications & Finance at Independent Curators International (ICI), where she is responsible for managing all aspects of internal and external communications strategies, and the day-to-day operations including ICI Finances, human resources, and general office administration. Prior to ICI, she worked in higher education administration at Pratt Institute, as an Assistant Chairperson in Industrial Design, and an adjunct faculty teaching Color Theory, and Observational Research Methods in the Industrial Design and School of Architecture, and the Art and Design Education departments, respectively. Laurel Voss can be described in threefold as a practicing artist, educator, and administrator: she has specialized in department management, student advising, event planning, admissions coordination, color theory, budget management, and arts-based and educational research. She received her BFA in 2001 in Studio Arts from University of Wisconsin and her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2004, focusing on interdisciplinary art and the connection between painting, drawing, and sculptural practices. She strives for creating connections between concepts, people, and understanding complex relationships with art practice, learning, and teaching.

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