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Mauricio Marcín

Mauricio Marcin is a researcher, curator and erratic archivist. Since 2012, he has worked as curator at Museo Experimental El Eco. In 2013 he curated the project Las Ideas de Gamboa for the opening of Museo Jumex in Mexico City. He edited the book ARTECORREO (2011) and curated the homonymous exhibition at the Museum of the City of Mexico (2009) and the Philatelic Museum of Oaxaca (2011). Marcin was formerly Curator of El Clauselito (2007-2012), a project space devoted to contemporary art projects in the Museum of the City of Mexico. He worked on projects by: Saul Villa, Fernando García Correa, Ricardo Altzati, Edgar Orlaineta, Alejandro Magallanes, Ariel Guzik, Marcela Armas, Iker Vicente, Juan Pablo Villegas, Tatiana Musi, Ale de la Puente, Veronica Gerber, Luis Felipe Ortega, Jonathan Miralda, DEAR, Marcos Castro and Juliet Aguinaco. While running Celda Contemporánea, a space founded by Sol Henaro, he curated the exhibition Juan José Gurrola that presented his non-objectual work during the 1960’s and 70’s. In 2011 he organized with Fernando Mesta the exhibition La Mazeta, first exhibition of anti kinetic work of Juan José Gurrola in the gallery House of Gaga. He is currently researching the Apparent Movement.

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