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Melanie Hoffman

Melanie Hoff is an artist and educator examining the role technology plays in social organization and reinforcing hegemonic structures. They study how platforms and processes — including algorithms, data collection, social media, networks, simulation, and ritual — yield distinct modes of seeing, thinking, and feeling, structure social organization, and reinforce existing systems of power. Hoff writes software, leads experiments in pedagogy & installation, teaches Critical Interaction Design at Rutgers University, organizes Code Societies and teaches at the School for Poetic Computation. They are a founding member of the Cybernetics Library — an interdisciplinary browsing library that re-contextualizes the expansive history of cybernetic thought and practice through installation simulation, and literary activations. They can also be found in their studio, working or hanging upside down from the ceiling of a collective art warehouse space in Brooklyn called Soft Surplus; a space that they co-founded and help run with 19 other incredible practitioners.

involved in:

Institutional Entropy with unbag

Institutional Entropy with unbag 6:30-8pm March 14, 2019 ICI 401 Broadway Suite 1620 New York, NY 10013 FREE and open to the public Join ICI and unbag for a conversation with Anthea Behm, Charles Eppley, David Hecht, Melanie Hoff, and Alicia Ritson—organizers and co-facilitators of the Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program, Cybernetics Library, and New […]

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