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Miguel Ventura

Miguel Ventura (b. 1954, San Antonio, TX) has been living and working in Mexico City since 1977. He has developed a body of work creating a new world with its own races and languages: NILC (New Inter-Territorial Language Committee). His atypical social model is presented through a series of video installations, objects, music, paintings, and drawings––employing parody and ridicule in order to label everyday patterns of societal behavior. His earlier work referred to notions of innocence, sexuality, and masculinity. In recent years, Ventura has reinterpreted symbols of the past––such as the swastika––in order to discuss current practices in the neoliberal world of finance, government, and art. His solo exhibitions include Oratorio de Arte Contemporáneo Neoliberal at the museum of the city of Queretaro (2011); Cantos Cívicos, un proyecto de NILC en colaboración con Miguel Ventura at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), Mexico City (2008) and at the Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló, Castellon, Spain (2007); Como he amarte mi pequeñín? at El Ojo Atómico, Madrid (2005); The P.M.S. Dilemma at Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Mexico City (2002); and The New Fuck Me Little Daddy House at Museum of Mexico City, Flatland Gallery, and Impakt Festival in Utrecht (1999). He has also participated in various group exhibitions in America and Europe. Ventura is currently writing a novel away from the noise of the art world.

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