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Nina Castelli Sundell

Nina Castelli Sundell was co-founder of ICI with Susan Sollins. She was the curator of many ICI exhibitions, including American Pop Art (1976), The Sense of Self (1978–80), and the ICI Traveling Video Festival (1981–84). An art world pioneer, she defined – together with Susan Sollins – the vision behind ICI, one of the first organizations in the world to be dedicated to the work of curators. In 1981, Nina and Susan curated the exhibition Team Spirit, which reflected on their own history of working together to focus on “the growing phenomenon of collaborative art.” She also co-founded with Marjorie Tallalay The New Gallery in 1968 – later renamed the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art. She was Director of the Lehman College Gallery in New York from 1984–90.

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