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Paola Fontana

Paola Fontana lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She received her BA in Arts and Cultural Management from the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero. In 2006, she started working as Curatorial Assistant in the archive and historic museum department at Banco de la Provincia in Buenos Aires. Since 2011, she has been the institution’s curator. Some of her curatorial projects include Coleccion de Arte del Banco Provincia. Una interragacion a lo visible, in which 14 works by Argentinean artists were exhibited together. Artists included in the exhibition were Fader, Castagnino, Batlle Planas, Spilimbergo, Collivadino, Forner, Vidal Lozano, Carmona, and Russo, among others. Fontana has published a number of essays, and has been a part of individual and group exhibitions in Argentina, Bolivia, and Germany.

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