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Paola Peña Ospina

Paola Peña Ospina is an independent curator. Her practice entails art and politics, the history of Latin America in the 20th and 21st century, and the sociology of art and culture. She participated in the diploma in the cultural journalism and art criticism in the context of 42 Salón (Inter) Nacional de artistsas and in the curatorial practice workshop in A*Desk Instituo Independiente de Crítica y Arte Contemporaneo. She serves as professor and researcher at the Universidad de Antioquia. Peña Ospina was the recipient of a scholarship for research in Visual Arts from the Ministry of Culture in 2014. She has also won a scholarship in art criticism from the Ministry of Culture of Medellín with the project How The New Curatorial Practices and Exhibition Open Spaced to Rethink History. She is Curatorial Project Coordinator of ESPIGA of the Fundación Campos de Gutiérrez, which has organized and curated individual and collective exhibitions: Recalling the Mexican Revolution: A look at everyday life zapatista. (2014), a mystical Grace granted. (2014) strange commonplace. (2014), you can dig a hole in the air (2013). CaCO3. (2013), Latin America, Colombia chapter file: dark regular screenings. (2013), in ball: an exhibition of nudes. (2013).

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