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Pieter Vermeulen

Pieter Vermeulen (b. 1983) is a philosopher, writer and independent curator based in Antwerp, Belgium. He is currently holding a position as guest professor in philosophy and philosophy of art at University College Ghent – Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Music. His educational background lies in philosophy and cultural studies (MA). After his studies, he started working as a producer-manager, coordinator and art critic. As both a curator and theorist, Pieter contributed to projects such as the new media exhibitions Fantastic Illusions (MOCA Shanghai/Buda Kortrijk) and Resonance (Bund18/World Expo 2010 – Belgian Pavilion, Shanghai). He moderated and co-/organized different international conferences, e.g. on Double Take by Johan Grimonprez and Tickle Your Catastrophe! (Vooruit, Ghent), and has articles published in many exhibition catalogues.

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