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Ria Roberts

Ria Roberts (b. Chicago, IL) holds a BFA in new media from University of Illinois Champaign Urbana and an MFA in graphic design from Yale University. Roberts currently lives and works in New York. Her work is about pleasures and anxieties at the intersections of intimacy, domesticity and material culture. Ongoing projects include Medium Cool, a holiday gift shop in Chicago, Oikos, a lifestyle magazine for realists, and Methods, a speculative contraceptive catalog, co-founded with Erin Knutson. Roberts is the founder of Leisure Press, a publishing group concerned with the relationships between leisure, labor and creative production. She has worked with The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Atlanta Contemporary, The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, and Summer Forum, among others. She is currently a graphic designer for exhibitions at the Met and has taught at SUNY Purchase.

involved in:

Radical Plastic: Artist Conversation

Image: Carson Fisk-Vittori, detail from Weather pollination techniques: out of human visible range (2016); 78 x 36 x 36 inches; UV prints on aluminum, aluminum poles, bamboo, hand-formed plastic, lichen covered branch, lotus seed pod, digital camera, flexible tripod, negative ion showerhead, metal and plastic hardware and fixtures, velcro, water. Courtesy the artist. Radical Plastic: […]

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