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Riksa Afiaty

Riksa Afiaty is enabler. Together with Charles Esche and Enin Supriyanto conceived exhibition Power and Other Things: Indonesia & Art (1835–now) and symposia Lupa Lupa IngatImperial Zombies Modern Vampires and Contemporary Ghosts for the 2017 Europalia Art Festival in Belgium. She worked on the curatorial team of Jakarta Biennale 2015 #16, Neither Forward nor Back: Acting in the Present. In 2016, the Foundation for Arts Initiatives awarded her a grant to conduct research on non-Western models for art institutions. She selected as a 2018–19 participant in the Jan Van Eyck Academie. She is keen to continuously contest curatorial and institutional position, exhibition making along with it derivatives — artistic research, publication, archiving, symposia, etc using decolonial aestheSis model to counter euro-centric view in redefining art by addressing power structures responsible for oppression and heteronormative approach. She also believes in agency working in hyphenated-position is reasonable and relevant to unfolding optional practices and ultimately set a tools to understand the fragmented perspectives, which leading to question does it matter if it doesn’t perform as art?

involved in:

2019 Curatorial Intensive in Auckland: Public Symposium

2019 Curatorial Intensive in Auckland Public Symposium Sunday, August 4, 2019 10am–2pm Artspace Aotearoa 300 Karangahape Rd Auckland, New Zealand 1145 FREE and open to the public This public symposium concludes Independent Curators International (ICI)’s 2019 Curatorial Intensive in Auckland. This is ICI’s first Curatorial Intensive in T?maki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand which draws […]

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