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Shahana Rajani

Shahana Rajani is a curator, artist, and educator based in Karachi, Pakistan. She holds a Bachelor’s in History of Art from University of Cambridge (2009) and a Master’s in Critical and Curatorial Studies from the University of British Columbia (2013). She is invested in using curatorial strategies to generate counter-geographies and alternate discourses on cities in the global south. She has worked extensively on community-based projects exploring urban space, violence, and the politics of grief, while also using printed matter and the internet as subversive mediums to reach diverse audiences and create cross-place connections. She conducts radical tours of Karachi as a way to perform and embody the counter geographies of the city. She is the founding member of the creative education initiative Bachon se Tabdili (Change through Children) that enables children to creatively visualize their stories and experiences of the city, which are routinely marginalized. Through art making, children produce meaningful urban narratives that expand our understanding of cities. Its first project aimed to re-envision public space in Karachi by highlighting children’s experiences. Its second on-going project is working with children from migrant communities to explore family histories and experiences of migration through dialogue, map making, drawing and digital media. Rajani is also a core member of the Tentative Collective, an artist group that shares resources to create interdisciplinary works of art in public spaces.

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