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Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961, but has lived and worked in New York since the late 1980’s. He began his career as a sculptor, but gradually became more interested in photographic reproductions of his sculptures and eventually turned his attention exclusively to photography. In addition to The Things Themselves: Pictures of Dust at the Whitney Museum of American Art from January 27 through May 20, 2001, Muniz’ work was recently included in several of the following group shows: the Whitney’s 2000 Biennial, Media/Metaphor at the Corcoran Gallery (opened December, 2000), Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art (1999) and Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect (1999) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

involved in:

Living as Form (The Nomadic Version)

Living as Form (The Nomadic Version) is an unprecedented international project that explores over 20 years of cultural works that blur the forms of art and everyday life, emphasizing participation, dialogue and community engagement.

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