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Artists’ Panel: Andres Cisneros-Galindo, Paul Moshammer, and Tara Tucker with the Curators

6:30 PM The open group studio environments of Creative Growth Art Center, NIAD Art Center, and Creativity Explored foster productive artistic exchange as student/studio artists work alongside one another and with master/staff artists, who demonstrate and encourage a variety of approaches and techniques. In a discussion moderated by Create curator and BAM/PFA director Lawrence Rinder, staff artists Andres Cisneros-Galindo (NIAD), Paul Moshammer (Creativity Explored) and Tara Tucker (Creative Growth)—all of whom practice and exhibit professionally in the Bay Area and beyond—will talk about the dynamic of mutual influence in these studios and its effect on their own work. Matthew Higgs, director and chief curator of White Columns in New York and longtime collaborator with Creative Growth, will address the wider artistic influence of the NIAD Art Center, Creativity Explored, and Creative Growth artists. Panel Speakers Include: Andres Cisneros-Galindo, Paul Moshammer, and Tara Tucker with Matthew Higgs and Lawrence Rinder

June 23, 2011- - November 11, 2011 @ Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive 2626 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA

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