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Beyond the White Cube II

5:30-7 pm Converge Curators Forum Beyond the White Cube II: International Networks How can the expansion of curatorial networks and collaborative practice between institutions internationally start to build the potential for new forms of exhibitions and exchange? How are practitioners re-thinking and re-defining their roles? Moderated by Kate Fowle, Executive Director of ICI (Independent Curators International), panelists include João Ribas, Curator, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston; Abigail Satinsky, Co-director, InCUBATE, Chicago; and Bisi Silva, Founder and Director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria.

May 1, 2010- - May 1, 2010 @ NEXT Talk Shop at Art Chicago

A panel discussion with João Ribas, Abigail Satinsky, and Bisi Silva Art Chicago NEXT Talk Shop, 7th Floor Chicago, IL

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