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Curatorial Seminar Public Symposium

Curatorial Seminar Public Symposium Wednesday, September 25, 2013 3–7pm SALT Galata Bankalar Caddesi 11 ? Karaköy 34420 ?stanbul Türkiye T +90 212 334 22 25 The public symposium in Istanbul will present the research of the following seven international curators brought together for the Curatorial Seminar: Özge Ersoy, Mónica Espinel, Nazli Gurlek, Olga Hatzidaki, Kate Brehme, Anna Santomauro, and Claire Shea. Developed by ICI in collaboration with SAHA, the Curatorial Seminar focuses on Istanbul as a case study, exploring a number of key issues that challenge our understanding of what constitutes an emerging art scene, the strengths and pitfalls of working within such a context, and questions of how to develop a curatorial practice that supports the development of artists and local infrastructure within the international art world. Between June 25 and September 20 the seminar was conducted via online sessions that included lectures from curators (Hou Hanru, Zoe Butt, Kate Fowle, and Sally Tallant), roundtable discussions, reading groups, and workshops to explore each participant’s research topic. Between September 21 and 25 the seminar will be held in Istanbul, and includes site visits to artists’ studios and selected venues, seminar sessions with guest curators, and an in-depth study of the 13th Istanbul Biennial. Four months of research culminate in a presentation by each participant in this daylong public symposium at SALT Galata. The research will be presented in its current state, and participants will continue to work on their research papers post-Seminar, with the advisement of the Seminar faculty. This event is free and open to the public.

September 25, 2013- - September 25, 2013 @ SALT Galata

SALT Galata Bankalar Caddesi 11 ? Karaköy 34420 ?stanbul Türkiye


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