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Curatorial Think Tank

ICI Curatorial Hub Closed-Door Event As part of the 2014 ICI/French Institute Fellowship, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez organized a closed-door think tank at ICI. The event contributed to furthering Nataša’s research into collaborative and confederative practices: modes of cooperation, knowledge sharing, and common urgencies of dynamic networks. She pointed out that “this interest started around 2007, from looking not only at what makes people come together, but how they come together in order to express solidarity to each other or to have empathy with one another. This is very present in what I do; I think it’s very important for individuals and for us as curators this ethical question of what we do, and with whom do we do it.” The participants of the think tank discussed various models, logistical challenges, and ideologies of these collaborative frameworks, such as CLUSTER and L’Internationale. Participants included: María del Carmen Carrión (Director of Public Programs & Research, ICI), Reem Fadda (Associate Curator, Middle Eastern Art, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project), Julia Knight (Operations Director, apexart) Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (Chief Editor, Manifesta Journal and managing editor of the online platform of L’Internationale), Nitin Sawhney (Assistant Professor of Media Studies, The New School for Public Engagement), and Nato Thompson (Chief Curator, Creative Time). During her research trip to New York, Nataša conducted interviews and meetings with a wide range of cultural producers, arts organizations, curators and artists, as well as attended the Asian Contemporary Art Week Field Meeting. After her visit to New York, she traveled to Mexico City to continue her research. Please stay tuned for upcoming entries on her findings that will be posted to the Research section of the website.

October 22, 2014- - October 22, 2014 @ ICI Curatorial Hub

ICI Curatorial Hub 401 Broadway, Suite 1620 New York, NY 10013


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