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Helping Curators Find Their Footing

The International New York Times recently ran a feature on ICI’s Curatorial Intensive. Read the full story here. Established in 2010, the Intensive is the first program of its kind in the world. It remains the only international short course dedicated to emerging professionals, promoting the exchange of knowledge among peers and across generations—where curators learn from one another rather than from the single perspective of an institution. It has taken place in cities from Addis Ababa to Bogota, from New Orleans and New York to Moscow and Manila; giving access to professional development and international engagement opportunities to a broader community of curators.

Despite a globalized art world, most educational platforms such as curatorial programs, seminars and conferences are based in North America or Europe,” she said by email. “I was excited by the chance to engage in south-south dialogue/exchanges and develop new knowledge-sharing networks

—Shahana Rajani, independent curator, Karachi, Pakistan; alum of the 2015 Curatorial Intensive in Marrakech as quoted in the article. An unparalleled, dynamic curatorial network of alumni has developed over the last 6 years, counting over 400 curators from 65 countries. They represent—and are shaping—the future of curatorial practice.

September 29, 2016- - September 29, 2016 @ New York, NY

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