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Highlights from the 40th Anniversary Benefit & Auction

On Wednesday November 18, ICI hosted our 40th Anniversary Benefit & Auction, bringing together collaborators and friends from the last four decades. Thank you to Jung Lee and Josh Brooks of FÊTE for their vision and creativity in transforming the Artbeam space into the perfect environment for a magical evening. And thank you to Clos du Bois, Voss, and Tito’s for generously sponsoring the event! Ann Tenenbaum (2003 Leo Award recipient) presented Michael Govan with the 2015 Leo Award, and ICI Trustee Emerita Agnes Gund presented Beatrix Ruf with the “Aggie.” The awards were designed by Jennie Jieun Lee. Thank you to all the artists who generously donated works to our auction, truly a testament to their support and commitment to ICI. Thank you to Renate Aller, Abdolreza Aminlari, Kamrooz Aram, Doug Ashford, John Baldessari, Tina Barney, Alex Beard, John Dante Bianchi, Sarah Braman, Suzette Bross, Christo, Paula Crown, Elena Damiani, Marcel Dzama, Dan Graham, Jesse Greenberg, Nadia Haji Omar, Jeppe Hein, JPW3, Glenn Kaino, David Kennedy Cutler, Curtis Kulig, Agnieszka Kurant, Justine Kurland, Robert Longo, Eddie Martinez, Servane Mary, Hugo McCloud, Duane Michals, Ebony G. Patterson, Hayal Pozanti, Clifford Ross, Aaron Sandnes, Davina Semo, Laurie Simmons, William Wegman, Richard Wentworth, and B.Wurtz. The live auction was led by the dynamic Gabriela Palmieri, Senior Vice President, Senior Specialist, Sotheby’s, New York, and the silent auction was powered by Artsy. At the heart of our After Party was a special and rare performance by DISBAND: Ilona Granet and Martha Wilson. And on the decks, DJ Phresh set the mood for an unforgettable evening. Thank you to our Benefit Co-chairs dream team: Noreen Ahmad, Ann Cook, Jack Geary, Belinda Kielland, Sydie Lansing, Laure Lim, Ann Schaffer, and Patterson Sims. And to our Benefit Committee: Adam Abdalla, Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra, Augusto Arbizo, Sarah Arison, Yona Backer, Liddy Berman, Jeffrey Bishop, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, Jill Brienza, Blair Brooks, Nikki Brown, James Cohan, Susan Coote, Paula Crown, Lacy Davidson Doyle, Brendan Dugan, Brian Faucette, Bridget Finn, Elaine Goldman, Taymour Grahne, Jeannie Grant, Colleen Grennan, Agnes Gund, Holly J. Hager, Heather Hubbs, Anne Huntington, Tony Karman, Jan Kennis, Birte Kleemann, Robert Kloos, Sarah Ko, Mihail Lari, Jo Carole Lauder, Rose Lord, Kristen Lorello, Isaac Lustgarten, Isaac Lyles, Monique Meloche, Can Misirlioglu, Josie Nash, Simon Preston, Erica Redling, Mel Schaffer, Lisa Schiff, Hanna Schouwink, Jessica Silverman, Michelle Snow, Mari Spirito, Sarina Tang, Rebecca Taylor, Taylor Trabulus, Courtney Treut, Barbara Toll, Joseph Yurcik. Our deepest thanks go to ICI’s tireless Board of Trustees for their sustaining leadership: Gerrit L. Lansing*, Chairman Emeritus; Sydie Lansing, Honorary Chairman; Patterson Sims, Chairman; Melville Straus*, Barbara Toll, Vice Chairs; Jeannie M. Grant, President; Ann Schaffer, Vice President; Noreen Ahmad, Jeffrey Bishop, Jill Brienza, Christo & Jeanne-Claude*, Ann Cook, Susan Coote, Jack Geary, Bridget Finn, Belinda Buck Kielland, Jo Carole Lauder, Laure Lim, Isaac Lustgarten, Vik Muniz, Mel Schaffer, Treasurer; Sarina Tang, International Representative; Maxine Frankel, Trustee Emerita; Carol Goldberg, Trustee Emerita; Agnes Gund, Trustee Emerita; Caral G. Lebworth*, Trustee Emirta; Virginia Wright, Trustee Emirta; Susan Sollins, ICI Co-Founder; Nina Castelli Sundell, ICI Co-Founder; Renaud Proch, Executive Director, Kate Fowle, Director-at-Large. *In Memoriam Photo: Yuko Torihara. Lawrence Weiner, Alice Weiner, Beatrix Ruf. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. John Baldessari, Katherine Ross, Michael Govan, and Marian Goodman. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Robert Longo, Kate Fowle, Ann & Mel Schaffer. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Louise Elisaof, James Sollins, Sarina Tang. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Jesse Greenberg, Jennie Jieun Lee, David Kennedy Cutler. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Paula Crown, Jack Geary, Dolly Geary, Suzette Bross. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Agnes Gund. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Michael Govan. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Ann Tenenbaum, Michael Govan. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Agnes Gund, Beatrix Ruf. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Gabriela Palmieri. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Beatrix Ruf. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Ann Cook. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Josie Nash. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Christo. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Beatrix Ruf, John Baldessari. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Renaud Proch, Sydie Lansing, Patterson Sims. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Jeannie Grant, T Grant, and guest. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Alaina Claire Feldman, Martha Wilson. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Noreen Ahmad, Laure Lim, and guest. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Hayal Pozanti. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Jenn Hyland, Heather Jones, Alaina Claire Feldman, María del Carmen Carrión, Bessie Zhu. Photo: Yuko Torihara. magnus schaefer alaina claire feldman Magnus Schaefer, Alaina Claire Feldman. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Thank you to our generous sponsors! Voss Water, Tito’s Vodka, and Clos du Bois. Photo: Yuko Torihara. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Photo: Max Lakner, Billy Farrell Agency. Header photo: Yuko Torihara.

November 18, 2015- - November 18, 2015 @ Artbeam, New York, NY


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