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People’s Biennial Curators Visit: Rapid City

The People’s Biennial exhibition planners are coming to this area April 8-10 to review art for an exhibition that will travel nationwide in 2010-2012. They are looking for under-appreciated art by creative people of all kinds. Want to be a part? There are several ways to get involved: Join the Conversation Friday April 9, 7 pm • Dahl Arts Center, Rapid City, SD Learn about this unique opportunity to exhibit nationally in the ICI People’s Biennial. Hear about the work of Jens Hoffmann and Harrell Fletcher. Exchange thoughts on creating art in our isolated region. Show Them What You’ve Got Thursday April 8 • 10am – noon • Sacred Heart Church – Pine Ridge, SD Thursday April 8 • 4pm – 6pm • OLC, Piya Wiconi Campus – Kyle, SD Saturday April 10 • 11am – 3pm • Dahl Arts Center – Rapid City, SD Bring your artwork and/or images to these informal sessions where exhibition planners will meet with artists. All participants in the open call sessions will be photographed with their work and documented as a part of the project during the exhibition. The goal is to discover five artists from our region to be included in this unique exhibit opportunity. Nominate Artists (yourself or your friends) Send images and contact info to: people@thedahl.org For more information: www.thedahl.org Image caption: works viewed in Kyle, SD (April 8, 2010)

February 18, 2010- - April 8, 2010 @ Dahl Arts Center

Dahl Arts Center 713 7th Street Rapid City, SD

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