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PROJECT 35 presented by Berlin Art Link and ICI at Node Center

PROJECT 35 presented by Berlin Art Link and ICI at Node Center Part of transmediale & CTM’s pre-festival weekend Vorspiel 2012 Saturday, January 28, 2012:  4:00pm VIDEO 1 | 6:00pm VIDEO 2 Sunday, January 29, 2012: 4:00pm VIDEO 3 | 6:30pm VIDEO 4?? Berlin Art Link and Independent Curators International (ICI) invite you to a screening of Project 35, a 4-part series of video artworks curated by 35 international curators, each invited to select one artist’s video that they think vital for contemporary art audiences across the globe. The resulting compilation, arranged by such renowned curators as Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lars Bang Larsen, and Chus Martinez, will be screened in a four-part series. The screenings will be hosted at Node Curatorial Residency Center on January 28 & 29, 2012 and will feature video works from Manon de Boer, Andrea Buttner, Stephen Sutcliffe, Kota Ezawa and Phu Nam Thuc Ha. ?  The 25 year anniversary of the transmediale and CTM’s Vorspiel reminds us of why it was founded: to be a platform for experimental media and video art. Since then, video art has evolved into a substantial part of contemporary art. While the works sometimes lack accessibility, the position of video art is again in discussion with the dynamics of off- and online DIY culture. Showcasing a new exhibition concept for ICI, this eclectic compilation of works reveals the global reach that video has achieved as a contemporary art medium today.  ??transmediale and CTM’s Vorspiel is a pre-festival programme where over 20 partner venues will present a series of exhibition openings, performances, artist talks and special events outside the main venues of either festival. Vorspiel will take place on the weekend prior to both festivals, from Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 January 2012, at independent organisations, galleries, project spaces and other venues across Berlin.?? To find out more about Berlin Art Link and this special screening, click here.

January 28, 2012- - January 28, 2012 @ Node Curatorial Residency Center

Waldemarstr. 37a 10999 Berlin Germany?

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