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"Supershow! was organized with your enjoyment in mind. Its major purpose is to present the variety and diversity of contemporary art, and to encourage involvement and participation with that art, both physically and intellectually. While some exhibitions are organized to explore an idea or theme which relates a group of objects to one another, others are organized to explore a historical period. This exhibition does neither, but it does present a cross-section of contemporary art, none produced earlier than 1961. Supershow! includes art that makes use of video, books, sound, recognizable shapes, abstract imagery, and many different materials. Some art is about art; some art is art which comments on the social environment; some investigates natural phenomena.

Of the nineteen artists included in this exhibition, some like Alexander Calder are extemely well-known with established reputations; others are lesser known. Much of the art made by these artists can be looked at in the usual way, but there is also work included here which you can touch, walk through, play with, listen to, or experience as an actively engaged spectator."

- Excerpt from catalogue introduction by Susan Sollins, 1980




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touring schedule

The New Gallery
Cleveland, OH, United States
March 10, 1980 - January 1, 1970

The Center for Fine Arts
Mesa, AZ, United States
December 4, 1980 - April 6, 1980

Landmark Center
St. Paul, MN, United States
January 1, 1970 - September 3, 1980