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Africa’s Art Establishment Strives for Self-Sufficiency in the New York Times

Posted on June 13, 2013

The New York Times

Published June 11, 2013 The South African artists Meghan Judge and Conor Ralphs painting in Ambohimangakely, Madagascar, during a residency there.

“The Triangle Network, meanwhile, which is based in London, offers a structure for organizations that work on the grass-roots level in Africa. Earlier this year, it helped coordinate a workshop called ‘Curatorial Intensive’ with the Bag Factory and Independent Curators International, a nonprofit art hub based in New York.

‘For a week, they are working together, talking about what it means to curate, what ideas work in their country and hopefully creating links within this emerging profession,’ Alessio Antoniolli, director of Triangle Network, said of the participants, who came from across Africa. ‘It’s good to know that if you want to have a useful conversation with a curator, you do not need to call London. You can call your neighboring country and say, You know what I am going through because we have closer similarities or, Our funding structures are the same.’”

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