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ARC Magazine announces Invisible Presence: Bling Memories

Posted on April 25, 2014

Ebony G. Patterson, Invisible Presence: Bling Memories, performance, April 27, 2014, Kingston, Jamaica. Courtesy of the artist, ARC, and Monique Meloche Gallery.

ARC Magazine announces Invisible Presence: Bling Memories by artist Ebony G. Patterson. The article gives a detailed description of both the upcoming performance and the driving concept behind it, saying:

“This procession is an artistic project aimed at validating a practice that comes from communities that are deemed ‘valueless’, because of their location physically and socio-economically.

Patterson is building 50 replica caskets to be carried in the procession by 50 persons. Each replica will be hand embellished and carry an individualized aesthetic. She is interested in making the hour long procession an accessible one where all can don their ‘best dress’ (or not) and march with the procession and pay respects to ‘someone’ who has passed on.

Staging this moment will bring not only visibility to the impact of popular culture on rituals, but also create a visible and visceral experience for all. The ‘bling funeral’ will be used as the vehicle for creating visibility for those who seem to be continually invisible.”

The performance has been commissioned as part of the upcoming exhibition EN MAS’, curated by Claire Tancons and Krista Thompson.

To read the full article, visit ARC‘s website, here.

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