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Best 50 Tools For Better Remote Team Collaboration 2022

Posted on May 19, 2021

Ideaflip takes that concept and brings it to the digital space, creating an easy-to-use virtual board to host your and your team’s ideas. Google Drive is included as part of Google Workspace—so if you’re already using Google in your business, this is clearly the go-to for sharing files with your team.

  • The shared values, habits, and inside jokes that spring out of sharing a physical workplace don’t need much encouragement.
  • This means no unauthorized promotion of your own brand, product, or blog, unauthorized advertisements, links to any kind of online gambling, malicious sites, or otherwise inappropriate material.
  • They typically have no trouble planning their workday and accomplishing daily tasks.
  • Clocking in and out is the least important thing if your output is there and you’re doing good work and things are moving along at the expected rate.

One of the key advantages of remote work is that the team has greater flexibility, but it can also be a major challenge — especially for teams working across multiple time zones. Remote team cultures can be just as vibrant and engaging as in-office ones, but they require a little extra help along the way. It can be hard to know what ChatOps looks like without real-world examples. No matter how simple or sophisticated your ChatOps practice, your team will work better together, and your organization will benefit from increased efficiency and productivity. If you’re looking to explore the potential of ChatOps for your organization, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk through the progressive steps towards developing a mature ChatOps practice, no matter how your team, tools, and processes are structured. All of these celebrations only take a few minutes of time every day, but they can go a long way in building close connections in the team.

Tools For Remote Workers

As for team-building, there are plenty of ideas for virtual gatherings centered around themed days or fun exercises. Then, you can come together for a recap meeting at the end of the workday. Ashore is an all-in-one creative collaboration tool that aims to make digital collaboration more accessible to remote collaboration everyone. Whilst, it aids in project tracking & integrations, it truly shines in its proofing & approval tools. Calendly simplifies & manages the process of scheduling meetings. The tool makes working remotely more efficient thanks to its automated workflows & use of custom SMS & email notifications.

The expectations of a manager of remote employees are much different than the average office manager. As a people-oriented position, a manager may have trouble transitioning to an isolated environment where communication is not easy and rarely face-to-face. When you need to create post-click landing pages with java a team, the Instapage Collaboration Solution allows every member to work on the same page in real-time. Design page elements, write copy, edit code, leave comments, and submit for approval to a manager. Learn more here about how the Instapage collaboration solution can immediately boost your productivity.

Many global companies — including Aperian Global — allow employees to telecommute. The benefits of a remote workforce stem from allowing employees to spend more time in their comfort zones, but does it always lead to increased productivity? Most recent studies point to “yes,” but there are many considerations to make when deciding if telecommuting is right for you or your company. When you’re remote, face-to-face time becomes so much more important.

Corporate Culture And The Sense Of Attachment To The Company

You can link up with up to 10 persons at a time with its video conferencing option. Skype also allows crystal clear voice calls and directly calling the phones along with sending files and documents to your team. It can be used on all types of computing devices including desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Makes collaborative working even easier for remote team members who live in different time zones. It offers the ability to record the video meeting, so those who can’t join can quickly catch up later. You can present your screen, raise your hand, add up to 100 participants to the call or drop a question in the built-in chat if you don’t feel like interrupting the conversation. Remote working HR teams can also use Meet to improve their online training and communicate with job seekers online.

remote collaboration

Trello is a list-making application that provides a good overview of who’s doing what, how far they are with their tasks, and what still needs to be done. Add a task and if needed, break it down into subtasks – the smaller steps you need to complete before considering your assignment done. Let other remote colleagues know how you’re progressing by putting a label to indicate whether your project is in the making, waiting for approval, or done. Read on to find out which remote working tools will serve best your teams in 2021. If all you’re looking for is a solid project issues board then you won’t really need to upgrade beyond the free plan. However, those looking for extended functionality such as roadmaps, merge approvals, pipeline graphs, and container scanning should consider an upgrade. You can create a different timer for each project so that you know how much each client owes you and which projects you spent the most time on.

Get To The Point: How To Communicate Your Ideas Effectively

As a final thought, keep in mind that truly remote workforces are still somewhat in the early stages and that there isn’t one perfect approach or tool that will fix all your remote collaboration problems. By committing to continually iterating and improving your remote work practices, you can give your team a more satisfying, productive, and collaborative remote experience. Creating social events, like Team Happy Hours, and spaces — a “Hiking Enthusiasts” channel, for example — provide opportunities for the team to relax and get to know each other. The shared values, habits, and inside jokes that spring out of sharing a physical workplace don’t need much encouragement. Without that shared space, remote team members can end up feeling isolated and out of sync with each other.

Annoyed by this micromanagement, he immediately responds with his uncensored thoughts. Unfortunately, in the modern era of texting, there are more acronyms than one could ever hope to understand. As such, particularly when those acronyms are corporate in nature, we suggest that you write out it in full, unless agreed upon beforehand.

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Where should team members go when they need to talk to a manager or coworkers? Having clear communication channels ensures that people can access support and information when they need them. Videoconferencing and group messaging are effective for team communication. Also, offer opportunities for one-on-one remote collaboration through phone calls, email, or text. While some people seem like they were born to work remotely, remote collaboration and remote productivity don’t always come naturally — they are learned skills that can take some trial and error to perfect.

Prioritize And Support Written Communication Skills

Fewer employees who work from home quit, and they also tend to eat healthier and have lower stress levels. Emily Gertenbach is a B2B writer who creates SEO content for humans, not just algorithms. As a former news correspondent, she loves digging into research and breaking down technical topics.

  • We use FIO, a Google Chrome extension that helps find a suitable meeting time for everyone involved.
  • After all, you constantly need to be in touch and monitor what is happening.
  • Plus, its communication features like instant messaging & file sharing ensure that all open conversations are organized logically.
  • Approved product indications, registrations, and presentations may differ between countries.

If you want to try out Conceptboard’s digital whiteboard for your team, sign up for a free 30-day trial today. Inspirometer can be used Remote Career in IT to gather feedback, and Conceptboard’s infinite canvas can host break-out groups, brainstorming activities and team bonding games.


While you can never replace the growth that takes place when people work on projects together, you can encourage collaboration and build morale with team building activities and games. Think about switching out a meeting each fortnight for a fun activity instead. In terms of collaborative hardware, ViewBoards arecollaboration displays specifically designed with teamwork in mind. ViewBoard interactive flat panels like the ViewSonic IFP 7550offer the ability to import files, make on-screen annotations, conduct video conferencing, record live, and save all on-screen content. While ViewBoards are geared towards group collaborations in meetings, in a Mobile Developer setting, they could be used as a means of facilitating remote collaborations from one centralized device. To improve team collaboration, I advise making sure that your digital workplace offers co-authoring. This feature allows remote workers to access and edit a document simultaneously.

  • It’s incredibly flexible and can be used across teams, departments, leaders, and organizations – and for all types of projects and processes.
  • At ScienceSoft, my colleagues and I have been developing collaboration solutions for years already, including those for remote collaboration.
  • Remote workers report higher job satisfaction rates and a better work-life balance.
  • In an office setting, you’d just get those four or five or seven people together camped out in a conference room for a whole week, knocking out the problem.
  • I recommend using email in cases when your remote employees may need to get back to this information later.
  • Tight feedback loops keep employees’ needs top of mind as you navigate a rapidly changing reality on a timeline you don’t control.

Read on below to learn more about https://ruforum.uonbi.ac.ke/2021/10/01/62-best-remote-jobs-websites-to-find-a-remote-job/ or jump to our collaboration solutions page for more insights into effective corporate collaboration. Data loss prevention software to detect potential breaches of sensitive data on your remote employees’ workstations and prevent them by blocking this data. VPN to provide a secure encrypted tunnel for the transfer of data between the company’s network and remote employees. ScienceSoft is a US-based IT consulting and software development company founded in 1989. We are a team of 700 employees, including technical experts and BAs.

Trust is the foundation of a successful team, but trust is usually built over time. When working in a virtual team, there isn’t always time to build a rapport with team members. You might be part of a group and have no idea about the other people’s work ethics or anything about their personal lives. You can approach this in a few ways, such as setting aside time for small talk before or after meetings, and allowing participants to share photographs and information about their personal lives. Virtual events such as a baby shower, birthday, or job anniversary celebration make for great informal activities to promote trust and teamwork.

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Distracting – If there are too many asynchronous discussions going on with no deadline, people might lose focus, thus preventing them from accomplishing tasks. Accessible – You can access the tools from any device, including your mobile phone. If employers allow workers to telecommute, they’re reducing the cost of real estate per employee . Determine if the cost savings of real estate per employee would help your bottom line. If so, this metric could be one of the advantages of working from home.

Webinar: How To Stay Compliant While Growing Your Remote Team

This way, they can prepare the exact details you need beforehand, instead of offering up an estimation off-the-cuff. Instead of having to ask team members for the latest versions of whatever they’re working on every time you need them, you can simply log into your online storage service and grab the newest version. This also ensures the different divisions of your team aren’t working off of different versions of the same document, i.e. someone wasting hours drafting a report based on old, outdated performance metrics. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 6 key strategies that will help you get the most out of your remote collaboration.

For Lucidspark users, the Join ID feature allows meeting facilitators to easily and securely share their board with other collaborators. This allows your team members to review, ideate, and https://pleasant-tourism.com/looking-for-a-remote-job-its-time-to-update-your/ explore within the board, no matter where they are or what their schedule is. Learn how the Zenkit Suite can help your team perform better & work more efficiently on remote projects.

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