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do it at MAG featured on The Space

Posted on July 12, 2013

The Space, a freely available digital arts platform from Arts Council England and the BBC, features a compilation of videos made on the occasion of the do it 2013 exhibition on view at the Manchester Art Gallery, which is a part of the ICI tour and the largest presentation of do it thus far. The exclusive video pages created on The Space invite the public to take part in the do it show through artists’ instructions, interpretations, and other documentary videos all concerning do it.

Some of the videos are taken from the live stream that The Space organized on Friday July 12, 2013, at the Manchester Art Gallery, featuring live art performances and interviews. The main video, Welcome to the ‘Active’ Room, presented by BBC’s Geeta Pendse, includes performances from the opening night and interview of Hans Ulrich Obrist. In addition some other performances are featured on the website: Second Messenger presents Maria Jose Arjona’s homage to Mara Teresa Hincapie, involving a vulture flying across the gallery space to deliver a message; Cleaning Conditions is a performance organized by Suzanne Lacy in homage to Allan Kaprow.

Other pages are dedicated to the artists’ instructions and their interpretations, beyond the do it 2013 exhibition. The page Twenty years of do it gathers video archives featuring the original do it artists presenting their instructions, such as Gilbert and George, Rirkrit Tiravanija, or Erwin Wurm. On another page, the Artists’ responses, are featured contemporary artists’ creative responses to do it instructions, such as Tessa Power’s or Adriano Vessichelli’s responses to Lucy Lippard’s instruction. Other pages present the public’s responses to artists’ instructions, such as Yoko Ono’s instruction – “Circulate a picture of your smile to say, ‘Hello. How you doing?’” –, or Cory Arcangel’s instruction – “Photoshop CS: 11 by 8.5 inches, 300 DPI, RGB, square pixels, default gradient “Russell’s Rainbow” (turn transparency off), mousedown y=1100 x=550, mouseup y=2100 x=1450.”

To watch all the videos from do it 2013, please visit The Space here.

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