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do it featured in City Weekly, KCPW, & Deseret News

Posted on June 13, 2014

Brian Staker for City Weekly recently wrote an in depth review of do it at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Covering many of the works in depth, Staker writes:

“But, perhaps more than anything UMOCA has ever produced, do it— the newest exhibit in the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s main gallery—calls into question everything about art: not just what art is, but the process by which it is made, who and what an artist is, and the roles of the curator and the viewer.”

The article goes on to describe many of the works in the exhibition including Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, Candy Pile by Felix Gonzalez Torres, and Nancy Spero’s Sheela (na gig).  About the exhibition, UMOCA’s associate curator Rebecca Maksym stated:

“We wanted to tie the show back to Utah as much as possible, or collaborate with other organizations as a way to connect the show to the community.”

Additionally, the exhibition was covered in KCPW, here, and Deseret News featured an online article on UMOCA’s recently implemented ‘stroller tours’ can be read, here.

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