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Energizing curatorial networks, and fostering professional development around the world

Posted on March 2, 2015

Addis Ababa
Participants of the Curatorial Intensive in Addis Ababa. May 13–19, 2014.

Recognizing the critical issues faced by emerging curators working in different contexts across the U.S. and around the world – including cost, time, and access to resources – ICI developed the Curatorial Intensive in 2010 as a weeklong, low-cost program that can take place in collaboration with art organizations around the world. As with many ICI exhibitions, the program is adapted to each local partnership, promoting a better understanding of the local context.

And just like ICI’s first exhibition catalogue in 1975 was published in Spanish and Portuguese, translation remains a critical consideration at ICI, as a way to address issues of access in the curatorial field. Since 2013, the Curatorial Intensive has been organized in 3 cities in Latin America, where it was conducted entirely in Spanish. The upcoming Intensive in Marrakech, Morocco, will be conducted in English, but also in Arabic and French, following a new model developed with our partners, Dar al-Ma’mûn, an art space whose activities include education and translation programs. In addition, key curatorial resources will be translated into French and Arabic for the first time on occasion of the program.

International iterations of ICI’s programs and the Curatorial Intensive in particular have also shown broaden access to emerging curators, as ICI recognizes opportunities are still often curtailed by borders, visas, and other political and economic factors.

Curatorial Intensive in Bogotá

Participants of the Curatorial Intensive in Bogotá. November 24–30, 2013.

Curatorial Intensive in Buenos Aires

Participants of the Curatorial Intensive in Buenos Aires. August 18–24, 2013.
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