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Posted on November 1, 2018

On Tuesday October 23, ICI hosted our 2018 Annual Benefit & Auction, bringing together collaborators and friends from around the world. Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Chief Curator of Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, presented Merve Elveren with the Independent Vision Curatorial Award (IVCA) and ICI Trustee Emerita Agnes Gund presented Emily Rauh Pulitzer with the Leo Award. The 2018 Leo Award was created by Sam Moyer.Benefit 2018 Gay Maloney, Emily Pulitzer, Jim Maloney

Benefit 2018 Robert Storr and Sydie Lansing

Benefit 2018 Nazy Nazhand and Sheree Hovsepian, Scott Rothkopf, Greg Miller and Stuart Comer

Benefit 2018 Ann Cook and Barbara Toll

Benefit 2018 Emily Pulitzer and Carolyn Alexander

Benefit 2018 Susi Kenna and Anne Huntington, Liddy Berman, Fischer Cherry, and Noreen Ahmad

Benefit 2018 Taryn Simon and Yohann Potico

Benefit 2018 Phyllis Lally Seevers and Leonard Seevers

Benefit 2018 Sims Lansing and Isabella Trentalancia

Benefit 2018 Gedi Sibony, Carol Greene and Emily Pulitzer

Benefit 2018 2018 ICI Benefit & Auction Benefit 2018 Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Merve Elveren Benefit 2018 Renaud Proch, Gabby Palmieri

Benefit 2018 Emily Pulitzer

Benefit 2018 Craig Starr, Agnes Gund and Nicole Gallo, Jill Brienza Benefit 2018 Mel Schaffer

Benefit 2018 Emily Pulitzer and Agnes Gund

Benefit 2018 Kate Fowle, Taryn Simon, Paul Schimmel, Patterson Sims, Sydie Lansing

Benefit 2018 Manuela Paz, Dunja Gottweis, Ray Mcauliffe, Janis Gardner Cecil, Paul Richert-Garcia, Lily Snyder

Benefit 2018 Sarina Tang, Jack Geary and Sydie Lansing

Benefit 2018 Sally Morgan Lehman & Jay Lehman

Benefit 2018 Dennis & Jeanne Masel

Benefit 2018 Bessie Zhu, Francisco Correa Cordero, Jenn Hyland

Benefit 2018 Hugo Montoya and DJ Vida