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However, the love of charm and you may character is additionally intended because of the 9’s malfunction since the “delicate and you will tuned in to the environment

Posted on July 23, 2022

However, the love of charm and you may character is additionally intended because of the 9’s malfunction since the “delicate and you will tuned in to the environment

If the Mars this new jesus off battle epitomizes Variety of Seven, up coming their opposite Venus , brand new goddess out of love and you can bringer regarding serenity, is a great symbol having Type of Nine. Venus legislation Libra, whoever locals are well-known for its love of serenity, equilibrium and you will justice for everybody, and their abundant diplomatic and mediating feel. Libras are famous for weighing the corners from problematic before you make decisions. Venus plus laws and regulations Taurus, other sign of tranquility and you can love, and also out-of relaxed and centered devotion (“this new solid, quiet form of”). Variety of Nines are also allowed to be stubborn and you can apathetic, hence suits Taurus so you can a beneficial “T.” Both signs get sometimes neglect on their own as well as their duties, and you may Libra will do so it that with the diplomatic ability in order to make the most of people. The fresh new indolence out-of both cues is actually better-understood, and Librans are specifically proficient at merging into the or losing on their own https://datingranking.net/nl/single-muslim-overzicht/ in others. Just as in additional Enneagram designs, indeed there seems to be way more part of the symbol off Venus than in Type of Nine, which is rarely called “artistic” such Venus. ” Saturn’s exaltation when you look at the Libra may explain this differences as well, since its alot more practical and you may depressive influence p down the Venusian visual interests. Best really works because of the greatest Renaissance singer Albrecht Durer is titled “Melancholia,” and you can according to artist shown the fresh new dictate of Saturn exalted within the Libra. New Moonlight is additionally exalted inside Variety of Nine (since it is exalted into the Taurus), instance Saturn perhaps centering on the greater amount of bland, as well as the passive/responsive, attributes of Nines.

The very last column suggests new associated chakras, the fresh new seven times stores over the peoples back, which in alchemical society are aimed for the worlds throughout the exact same acquisition. We have along with added Uranus and you may Neptune to this purchase.

Next dining table reveals the partnership between your enneagram systems, planets and you can cues

The next desk shows the relationship within enneagram systems, globes and cues

Enneagram Sorts of Planet Governing Signs Exalted Worlds chakra
One Mercury Virgo, Gemini Mercury from inside the Virgo 5
A few Moon Disease Jupiter six
About three Sunrays Leo Neptune 7
Four Neptune Pisces Venus 6
Five Uranus Aquarius Mercury (strong) 7
Half a dozen Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Mars in the Capricorn step 1
Seven Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Venus during the Pisces 2
Eight Mars Scorpio, Aries Sun in Aries 3
Nine Venus Libra, Taurus Saturn within the Libra, Moon inside Taurus 4

Clearly (once you learn a tiny astronomy), this new sequence of the Ennneagram Products represents the fresh ranks away from the fresh planets within their orbit around the Sunrays. The sun and you will Moon will be the archetypal couple, the father and you can Mommy concept. It match Items About three and two correspondingly. From that point, if you amount backwards away from Method of You to (Mercury), to type 9 (Venus), Sort of 7 (Mars) and stuff like that out over Neptune (Variety of Four), new sizes fall into line just with the globes since you move outside of the Sun. It is possible to number submit away from Neptune and kind Four, and worlds correspond in order because you go inward to the sun and you can Moon. As you can tell regarding desk, these types of ranking of your globes also are associated with the fresh sequence on zodiac of cues they code.

Why was this new Mercury method of chosen since Sorts of You to definitely? I’ve a theory. Hermes ‘s the Greek identity to have Mercury, while the Egyptian name is Thoth. In alchemical and you may hermetic customs, Mercury represents Hermes themselves, who is reputed to-be the author of this culture. He could be the fresh magician and professor which offered us the device about what it’s quite likely the fresh Enneagram would depend. During the alchemy, new ability titled Mercury is short for the secret to the adaptive work, along with truth is included in metallurgy to separate gold away from its pollutants. Mercury’s adaptive energy ‘s the reason Style of You’re also known as the fresh reformer and you will idealist, the person who finds out in order to expand and you will carry out the functions from alter, and you can providing deeper awareness to the community.

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