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I felt your original comment didn’t reveal your deeper relationship to Guardian appropriately

Posted on May 2, 2022

I felt your original comment didn’t reveal your deeper relationship to Guardian appropriately

After 20 years as a journalist, I’d like to think I have a bit of a nose for when people are being straight with me, and I felt you weren’t. So it went off.

I still do

The fact that you raced on here to comment after I received an email and responded on email to an executive at Guardian, alerting him to the reader feedback I’d had about his platform, also doesn’t dissuade me that you aren’t part of leadership at the company.

And thanks for addressing Danyelle’s original point, that you feel you are able to know what traffic you’re generating. Glad to hear it.

Thanks for telling us about what you’re earning! Can you give us a sense of how many hours you have to work for that $3K, and how many posts you have to write and how many edit?

You know, we have a saying in the South: If you have to tell people you’re a lady, you’re not. I stated in my blog post that I admired you a great deal. ..for what you’ve accomplished. But I have a completely different impression than I did this morning. How does it further your career to be so dismissive of people who post on your blog? I just don’t get it.

I have entertained at great length people with opposing views here on the blog today, in the service of getting more information for my readers, so they have all the facts. I don’t think that’s dismissive, Patti. I could have spiked this whole thread off, but instead, I’ve allowed the folks at Guardian extensive real estate to state their point of view.

I do not allow comments that are personal attacks or denigrate commenters or me. You also need to use a person’s real name to leave a comment. Like most blogs, I do have a comment policy.

From the beginning of my blog in 2008, I have taken the position that straight revenue share sites are generally not a great situation for writers. Since I’ve never seen one where more than a handful of writers end up earning well – and I get asked to check out new sites every week – that continues to be my view.

The same is true for being blog queen

As it happens, I actually posted Guardian in the Den today as an opportunity for political/opinion writers. I let folks know about the bootcamp and large number of tryout posts required, but there is almost nowhere that pays anything for that particular type of writing, and thought we might have a few members who’d be interested for that reason. Beyond there, I would think there are many better ways to secure your financial future as a writer.

I’ve reviewed many, many revshares sites over the past 5 years, and have yet to see one I think is a great place for writers to be. It’s my job here to help warn people off of bad situations, and to call ’em as I see ’em.

That may not always be popular…but my mission here is to help the most writers earn the most the fastest. Hoping your posts might “go viral” as everyone at Guardian constantly says, and then you’ll have a paycheck to me is not a smart or secure way to run a freelance business. Especially if that’s going to be your only client.

As I discussed in detail recently, sites based around mass content driving ad clicks are failing thanks to Google. All the more reason this model doesn’t sound like a good bet to me.

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