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Marilyn Manson bragged about abusing Evan Rachel Wood. No body listened.

Posted on July 19, 2022

Marilyn Manson bragged about abusing Evan Rachel Wood. No body listened.

The star Evan Rachel Wood has, once again, talked down publicly about surviving a relationship that is abusive. And also this time, she actually is naming names: the person she claims groomed and mistreated her is washed-up Goth-rock dork Brian Warner, who would rather be called Marilyn Manson. Numerous other ladies have finally talked out, too, detailing horrifying allegations of punishment.

Why, whenever most of the proof had been immediately in the front of y our faces, did the songs industry allow him break free together with violent, narcissistic misogyny for way too long?

Ideally no body when you look at the music industry gets the neurological to feign shock. Manson himself told us every thing we had a need to ago know long. So just why, whenever all of the proof had been there right in front of y our faces, did the songs industry allow him break free together with violent, narcissistic misogyny for way too long?

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That Manson ended up being reported to be Wood’s abuser is certainly one the worst-kept secrets when you look at the music industry. Wood has repeatedly exposed concerning the punishment she’s experienced inside her life, and while she did not name anybody, it did not simply take Olivia Benson-level investigative skills to hypothesize who she may be speaking about. Wood testified ahead of the Ca Senate that the person who abused her started grooming her whenever she had been simply 18. She said he actually abused her, deprived her of rest, starved her and stalked her whenever she attempted to keep him, calling her incessantly, she stated.

These tend to be more than simply breadcrumbs: Woods started Manson that is publicly dating when ended up being simply 19 and then he had been 36. Yes, love will come in a lot of different kinds, but we must all pause and honestly worry whenever we visit a completely grown man dating an adolescent — especially if the guy starts to talk about every one of the means he manipulates, demeans and harms her.

And Manson did exactly that. For over a ten years, he’s got been upfront about his misogyny and abusive behavior. In a 2009 meeting with Spin mag, carried out soon after their breakup with Wood, Manson stated he called Wood 158 times while self-mutilating and then blamed her for this. “we wished to show her the pain sensation she place me through,” Manson stated. “It had been like, ‘we want one to actually see just what you have done.'”

That lines up with Wood’s account of a man that is abusive declined to allow her keep. As well as then blaming someone else is a classically manipulative behavior if it didn’t, Manson was telling on himself: Self-harming and.

But Manson don’t hold on there. He told the Spin magazine journalist — in an meeting that certain imagines he hoped Wood would read — that he fantasized about murdering her. “The song ‘I would like to destroy you would like they are doing within the films’ is mostly about my dreams,” Manson stated. “We have dreams every about smashing her skull in by having a sledgehammer. time”

Somehow, which wasn’t adequate to produce every one of the grownups when you look at the space — the songs reporters and editors, the record business professionals plus the radio DJs — pause and have on their own why these were continuing to advertise this kind of dangerous guy.

(In 2020, Manson’s group told the music weblog Metal Hammer that their 2009 Spin meeting should not be used literally: “The commentary in Spin where Manson possessed a dream of employing a sledgehammer on Evan . ended up being clearly a theatrical stone celebrity meeting advertising a brand new record, rather than a factual account.”)


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It certainly is been simpler, this indicates, to publish Manson down as a tale. He could be, check out this site in the end, a grown adult who dresses up in white face paint and stylized contacts to create himself appear threatening, whoever track words range from the trying-to-shock drivel one might expect from an angsty teen. He and their bandmates known as on their own after serial killers — edgy! It can all be behavior that is supremely embarrassing a teenager, not to mention a person that is now well into center age.

Nevertheless the theatrics additionally give him a reason for really real bad behavior. Manson can be a cringey attention-seeker, but it doesn’t make their treatment that is alleged of (or for the other ladies who state he abused them) any less harmful. Also it does not result in the activity industry’s choice to ignore their reviews any less damaging to ladies everywhere.

Lots of the guys felled by the #MeToo motion had been extremely good at hiding their colors that are true. They supported modern and feminist factors. They stated all of the things that are right feamales in the workplace. These were outwardly respectable, stand-up dudes whom utilized that facade to conceal their bad functions.

Regardless of if a person wears makeup that is silly places for an aggressive phase persona, females and girls nevertheless definitely have the ability to safety and respect.

Perhaps Perhaps Maybe Not Manson. He had been outwardly misogynistic. He talked freely about at the least a number of the real methods he might have mistreated, threatened and harassed Wood. And perhaps that has been area of the nagging issue: despite the fact that Wood ended up being scarcely away from youth whenever she came across Manson, possibly individuals assumed she knew just exactly exactly what she had been engaging in. This “what did you expect?” effect is amongst the numerous methods we shame females into residing in abusive circumstances and also make it harder to allow them to discuss their experiences when they do leave. Because whether or not a man wears ridiculous makeup products and sets on an aggressive phase persona, females and girls nevertheless positively have actually the proper to safety and respect.

Wood ended up being a teen dating a person who many people paid attention to and admired, also if you wanna get a man, spread your legs,” he said his father taught him after he went on ugly sexist rants. ” if you want to keep a person, shut your mouth” that is f—ing) punched a lady when you look at the mind within a show, boasted about buying high heel pumps for their baby goddaughter, reported to possess placed their weapon in a journalist’s lips and publicly dreamed about bashing Wood’s mind in. Mags interviewed him. MTV and r / c place his videos and tracks on hefty rotation. Agents, bookers and manufacturers caused him. Even with their bad behavior could not any longer be rejected, most people surrounding him broadcast one clear message: this can be okay.


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It absolutely wasn’t okay, also it ended up being Wood plus the other females Manson is accused of abusing who say the price was paid by them. Now, finally, Manson’s label has fallen him. But while their effective longtime enablers are finally recognizing that Manson may be the villain in this tale, they are conveniently responsibility that is dodging. The fact is Manson was not hiding. He is a monster of a whole industry’s creating.


Jill Filipovic is a journalist plus the composer of “OK Boomer, let us Talk: just exactly exactly How My Generation Got kept Behind” and “The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness.”

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