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Muslims from inside the Southern area and you will Eastern European countries also sandwich-Saharan Africa was significantly more open minded out of sex external relationships

Posted on May 16, 2022

Muslims from inside the Southern area and you will Eastern European countries also sandwich-Saharan Africa was significantly more open minded out of sex external relationships

For the 13 countries, one or more-in-ten Muslims do not think suicide becoming an ethical thing. A third or higher simply take that it consider in Michael jordan (40%), Azerbaijan (34%) and you can Egypt (33%).

Like with suicide, very Muslims believe that euthanasia – discussed from the survey just like the conclude the life out of an enthusiastic incurably sick people – was fairly incorrect. A lot of Muslims in 33 of your 37 regions surveyed hold which view, in addition to more than three-home from inside the 17 countries.

The latest sandwich-Saharan African nations of Democratic Republic of one’s Congo (14%), Uganda (14%), Mozambique (13%) and you may Guinea-bissau (12%) would be the simply places surveyed where several-in-10 Muslims state euthanasia are ethically acceptable.

Good-sized minorities, although not, do not describe euthanasia while the a moral point. For the 16 of one’s 37 regions, one or more-in-10 Muslims state this is not an ethical thing, in addition to 46% into the Michael jordan, 41% inside the Azerbaijan and you may 38% within the Egypt. As well, inside half a dozen regions, one-in-10 or even more volunteer the ethical updates regarding euthanasia would depend towards the framework where it occurs: Kazakhstan (14%), Egypt (11%), Albania (10%), brand new Popular Republic of Congo (10%), Kyrgyzstan (10%) and you can Russia (10%).


Really Muslims point out that having a keen abortion is actually ethically completely wrong, in addition to around three-quarters or higher within the twenty-four of your 37 places the spot where the question is actually questioned. 23 Azerbaijan ‘s the only nation where under a-quarter (23%) state terminating a pregnancy was depraved.

By comparison, partners Muslims claim that abortion is actually fairly appropriate. In only five nations create one to-in-10 or more state new habit are ethically permissible: Bangladesh (18%), Uganda (15%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (14%), Mozambique (13%) additionally the Popular Republic of the Congo (10%).

Into the thirteen nations however, a minumum of one-in-ten Muslims say abortion isn’t a moral question. This evaluate is particularly prominent in some regions around East-Northern Africa region; 34% from inside the Michael jordan, 22% from inside the Egypt and 21% from inside the Iraq state they do not think abortion becoming an effective moral matter.

Concurrently, in the 11 of regions interviewed, one or more-in-ten Muslims volunteer the morality of getting an abortion is based with the problem. 1 / 2 of Azerbaijani Muslims and more than a 3rd (34%) out of Muslims when you look at the Tajikistan need so it look at. Overall, this perception try most commonly known in Central China as well as the Middle East-North Africa part.

Intercourse Exterior Marriage and you can Prostitution

A strong majority of Muslims within the several of places interviewed condemn pre- and extra-relationship sex, as well as around three-quarters or higher into the 30 of your 36 nations in which the matter is asked. Which examine is nearly universal in the Thailand (99%), Jordan (96%), Lebanon (96%) and you can Egypt (95%). twenty-four

One quarter in the Bosnia-Herzegovina (26%) and you will Albania (25%) state intercourse exterior relationships is actually fairly appropriate. And in sandwich-Saharan Africa, almost several-in-ten show so it look at into the Guinea-bissau (19%), Chad (18%) and Uganda (18%).

Few Muslims trust sex outside matrimony is not a moral question. Within just half a dozen of the countries surveyed does one or more-in-ten bring it condition: Cameroon (17%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (16%), Ethiopia (16%), Chad (15%), Bangladesh (13%) and you may Djibouti (12%).

Muslims are a whole lot more emphatic you to prostitution was morally completely wrong. More eight-in-10 in per country interviewed say it is immoral. Just inside the Chad (10%) manage as many as one to-in-10 Muslims state prostitution try fairly appropriate. At the same time, in certain countries, small percent off Muslims say prostitution isn’t a moral material: Bangladesh (12%), Chad (12%), Djibouti (10%) and you can Guinea bissau (10%).


Muslims overwhelmingly declare that homosexual choices was ethically incorrect, as well as around three-house or even more in the 33 of one’s 36 regions where question are expected. 25

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