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People’s Biennial 2014

Posted on September 2, 2014

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit will present People’s Biennial from September 12, 2014 – January 4, 2015. The exhibition follows the ICI tour of People’s Biennial 2010, curated by Jens Hoffman and Harrell Fletcher, which drew attention to artistic practices in five diverse non-art center geographical regions in the United States. People’s Biennial 2014 will once again highlight artists that work largely outside of the mainstream art market.

About the upcoming exhibition, the museum writes:

“For the second iteration of this ongoing exhibition series, the curators have asked 17 artists from a wide range of geographical locations around the United States to collaborate with creative individuals they personally know who are not part of the art world in any way. These solo presentations will each be displayed in free-standing structures within the refurbished Woodward Gallery of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.”

Participating artist collaborations include Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla and Robert Rabin, Carson Ellis and Hank Meloy, Dara Friedman and Ishmael Golden Eagle, Wendy Ewald and Denise Dixon, Lee Walton & Harriet Hoover and Mr. Coopers, Colter Jacobsen and Lance Rivers, Liz Magic Laser and Wendy Osserman, Sharon Lockhart and Fearless Fred, Cary Loren and Jimbo Easter, Rick Lowe and Jonathan the Plant Man, Ken Lum and Orkan Telhan, Jeffry Mitchell and Vic Oblas, Scott Reeder and Xav Leplae, Alec Soth and George Wurtzel, Hank Willis Thomas and Baz Dreisinger, Transformazium and James Kidd, and Steven Yazzie and Jonathan Bond.

For more information, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit’s website, here.

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