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Percy is actually college as he hears unusual music and spots Clarisse La Rue outside

Posted on August 7, 2022

Percy is actually college as he hears unusual music and spots Clarisse La Rue outside

Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot

Clarisse has been attacked because of the arrow-putting birds. Percy will get himself exempt out-of class and you can visits let Clarisse to see as to the reasons she actually is here. Clarisse was shocked, rather than pleased to pick him.

After the a couple of her or him possess outdone the brand new birds, Clarisse unwillingly agrees to tell Percy as to why she is perhaps not from the Camp 50 % of-Blood. Clarisse reveals that she is supposed to be taking care of Ares’ Combat Chariot, and requires to have it back once again to Ares’ forehead because of the sunset. Although not, this lady immortal brothers, Deimos and you can Phobos (gods out of terror and you can anxiety correspondingly) have stolen this new chariot. Phobos comes to taunt Clarisse and provide them a tip regarding the how to locate the newest chariot. Along with her, Percy and you can Clarisse need see discover the chariot from the Staten Island Zoo.

On their way, they come across Deimos, who is operating a sea serpent, nevertheless they quickly overcome the minor god plus the ocean monster and you can continue on the way. Within zoo, it find the chariot and you can deal with both lesser gods again. Phobos and you will Deimos show Percy and you will Clarisse the terrible concerns, that are Go camping 50 % of-Blood and his awesome loved ones within the flames and you will Ares correspondingly. From the conquering the brand new illusions, although not, Percy and Clarisse easily beat the 2 small gods (it turns out one to Phobos and you may Deimos is actually both really poor during the battle rather than their vitality out of fear and you will scary).

Fundamentally, exactly as sundown try diminishing, Percy and Clarisse bring brand new chariot so you can Ares’ Temple on Intrepid, a plane service provider. Percy promises Clarisse which he cannot tell people throughout the their poor fear. The guy as well as tells the lady one to about eyes one to Phobos exhibited him-off just what the guy dreaded very-Clarisse is actually incorporated among Percy’s family.

Percy Jackson therefore the Bronze Dragon

Percy and you can Charles Beckendorf are on the same cluster having Grab the newest Banner, in addition to a couple of war god cabins (Athena and you can Ares compartments) while the Aphrodite Cabin take one other. Beckendorf, a kid of Hephaestus, has actually a fairly uncomfortable discussion in the lady (as he provides a not any longer-so-miracle smash toward Silena Beauregard for a few decades) and you may believes Percy will be inquire away Annabeth Chase towards the fireworks.

They stop into woods and you can encounter a massive Myrmekes anthill. Silena and you will Annabeth need Percy, when you find yourself Beckendorf charge upright ahead toward ant swarm as he attempts to restore a large tan dragon’s lead, however, instantaneously is bitten on leg and also https://datingranking.net/bulgarian-chat-room/ acid spit inside the deal with.

It eventually have the beast been (an excellent dragon without wings) that is an automaton and also have they to greatly help Beckendorf. They blasts unlock this new ants’ nest additionally the ants all assault new dragon. Meanwhile, Percy, Annabeth, and you may Silena dart on the anthill owing to tunnels and you can compartments complete out-of weapons, armour, and you will jewellery and all of an easy method of other magic situations since they come across and possess Beckendorf straight back away. Once they emerge and begin fleeing, Beckendorf preserves the newest bronze dragon out-of are ripped apart of the tens of thousands of Myrmekes because of the activating its’ greatest defense system which causes this new dragon to help you blast arcs off blue power from around its’ system.

Adopting the demigods end watching the new dragon push the remaining Myrmekes back again to their anthill brand new dragon places her or him and transforms berserk to them. Percy distracts this new dragon until Beckendorf you may get on the latest dragon’s as well as briefly deactivates it. Silena is very alleviated you to definitely Beckendorf try real time, while the guy asks her into the fireworks, she happily welcomes the newest invite.

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